Sentinel Arms Mfg™ Custom AR Barrels - EXmatch™ AR-10/LR-308 Barrels

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Sub-MOA Guarantee:
3 round group, 1 inch or less, at 100 yards with quality match ammunition and proper shooting techniques. Bolt must be headspaced to the barrel (16" or longer) by Sentinel Arms Mfg™.*
Current Lead Time:
8 to 10 Weeks**
Additional Lead Time(s):
Fluting adds 1 additional week(s); Cerakote adds 1 additional week(s); Cryogenic barrel stress relief adds 2 to 3 additional week(s)**
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Sentinel Arms Mfg™ Custom AR Barrels - EXmatch™ AR-10/LR-308 Barrels

Order a custom EXmatch™ (Extreme Match) DPMS / LR-308 / SR-25 (not Armalite or DPMS Gen II) pattern barrel with barrel extension. These are custom made to order, extreme match grade barrels. Our barrels are precision pull-button rifled, hand lapped, and inspected with a bore scope for imperfections. They are made to our exact specifications with quality US materials to ensure reliability and accuracy. They are 100% made in the USA. These are reliable, durable and extremely accurate barrels. All EXmatch™ barrels come with a sub-MOA guarantee*. These are the highest quality barrels we offer.

Our AR barrels are tested with milspec buffer tubes and springs. Any changes could change the way your AR functions.

All AR barrels are headspaced, by default, to JP Enterprises bolts.

Gas Block Length

All custom EXmatch™ AR pattern barrels come with a 1.92" gas block length except our light weight contour which comes with a 1.00" gas block length. Some shorter barrel and gas system length combinations with will also require a 1.00" gas block shoulder length instead of the usual 1.92" to make enough room for engraving our production stamp at the top of the barrel.

Cryogenic Barrel Stress Relief (Cryo)

We also offer cryogenic barrel stress relief (cryo) on barrels. What is cryo? Cryo is a computer controlled scientific dry cryogenic tempering process which relieves stress in firearm barrels. When we cryo a barrel, it is brought down in temperature to -300°F for 24 hours, utilizing dry nitrogen technology, and slowly brought back up to increasingly higher temperatures in controlled increments. By the time the process is complete, which takes 72 hours, the barrel has undergone a 600°F tempering cycle with both hot and cold elements. This allows the material stresses from machining to be relieved which results in a more solid platform with significantly less movement and whipping when the barrel heats up from use. What are the benefits of cryo? With a cryo'ed barrel, the shooter will see a 50 to 60 FPS increase at the muzzle, less fouling, easier cleaning, up to 50% tighter and more accurate groups, DOUBLE the barrel life, and up to 30% lower core temperature. This is a permanent improvement to your barrel. If you are looking for the ultimate in accuracy and durability, cryo is your best option.

Barrel Break-In Procedure

Click here for complete EXmatch™ barrel break in procedures.

Barrel Contours

Click here for complete EXmatch™ barrel contours.

Tech Reference

Click here for EXmatch™ tech information.

* Sub-MOA guarantee is a 3 round group, 1 inch or less, at 100 yards with quality match ammunition and proper shooting techniques. Bolt must be headspaced to the barrel (16" or longer) by Sentinel Arms Mfg™ in AR type barrels.

** Lead times are the best estimates, but can sometimes be longer than expected

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  • 5
    I couldn't be happier

    Posted by HD

    I couldn't be happier with this barrel. Fit and finish are top of the line.

  • 4
    338 Federal

    Posted by DT

    Took a little longer than I thought to get. I guess because of the holidays? Great barrel though. I'll be coming back.

  • 5
    great barrel

    Posted by LS


  • 5

    Posted by SR

    This is my first exmatch barrel and wont be my last. incredibly accurate. thank you so much.

  • 5

    Posted by SL

    Ordered this barrel in a 17fb. Could not be happier! Not a flaw on it and now the most accurate rifle in my safe!

  • 5
    Worth the money

    Posted by LP

    i spent more than i wanted to, but it was totally worth every penny. quality barrel. extremely accurate. will be getting more.

  • 5
    Very impressed

    Posted by DI

    My .375 Raptor is incredible. I'll never buy another brand of custom barrel again. Trust me, spend the money on quality. It's worth it.

  • 5
    6.5 creedmoor

    Posted by HR

    Damn impressed. Got here quick and shoots great. Thanks.

  • 5
    3/4 MOA

    Posted by YS

    Shooting 3/4 moa with quality ammo, not even match. Can't wait to see what it does at 1000 yards!